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As a specialist Marketing Agency we offer Web design in Nottingham to businesses & individuals alike and create bespoke websites which look professional, work effectively and are SEO-friendly to ensure you rank in search engines.

Web design is now one of the most common methods of marketing available to businesses/individuals and is why it’s become so important to ensure you have a professionally-made website. Whenever building websites we are usually approached for 2 reasons, firstly it’s someone who already has a website but is unimpressed with their current results/style of the site – or secondly it’s a startup business owner looking for a completely new website. Either way we only build professional websites which are easy to use, work on all devices (desktop, laptop, table and mobile phone) and we always ensure to build them in a way which ensures you stand the best chances at ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Whether you need a website for an online retail store, to advertise your business services or simply require a one-page promotional site – we have a team of specialist website developers who will build you the best website for your purpose.


Web Design Nottingham

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Easy to Use

One of the key aspects when building a website is to ensure it’s user-friendly and your customers/clients can quickly and easily find the information they are looking for. All of our websites are built to be as efficient as possible and easy to navigate.

Work on All Devices

Whether your customer/client is looking at your website on their desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone you need to ensure it always works. All of the sites we build are ‘responsive’ which means they adapt to whatever sized-screen they are being viewed on.

Search Engine Optimised

Search Engines are the most important method of allowing potential customers to find your website and is why it’s imperative to rank as highly as possible, since most users don’t look past the top 3 results in a search engine. All of our websites are built as SEO-friendly as possible to help rankings.

Web Design in Nottingham

We know how important websites are to any sized business and is why we take a lot of care and attention to all clients needs when offering web design in Nottingham. A website is usually the first and only impression a potential customer will make about your company, and depending on how professional your website looks and how easy it is to use can make all the difference between making a potential customer a new customer.

We always build websites with the user experience in mind to ensure you stand the best chance of gaining new customers. We also build websites in conjunction with the latest SEO rules and standards to ensure you stand the best chance of being found in search engines.

Websites are also something which need to be regularly updated in regards to themes and files as well as the content being shown. For this purpose we offer ongoing website updates and additions so you always have the ability to have new content regularly added to keep your site fresh and up to date with all the latest news and trends.

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Step 1 - Project Discussion

Firstly we’ll have a good talk about exactly what you’re looking for and discuss ideas of what type of website we would create for you. This stage can be done over the phone or via Skype, however we have found the best policy is to come and visit you in person since it does seem to help having the internet and a computer to hand when talking through examples etc. During this stage we also get you to write down what pages you want on the site so we can get a better idea of time-frame and project costs.

Step 2 - Template Selection and Content Creation

From all the ideas discussed in our initial meeting we then start to look the style in which we will create your website. We always ensure the look of your website encompasses your branding colours, fonts and overall style to ensure complete synergy between your site and brand.

Once we’re ready we will then ask for you to send across some page wording for us to get started. Although this sounds like we’re trying to get out of doing our job, we’ve found in the past that us writing your content just doesn’t very well and the client always ends up having to re-write what we’ve written because you know your business much better than we do. So from experience we find the best method is for you to provide the wording which we can then use and elaborate on.

Step 3 - Website Creation

After all the discussion and planning phases, now the fun begins! We create the first draft of your new website based around all the discussions we’ve had previously and once complete, we will email you a hidden link to your new site. From here you get our standard ‘one list of changes’ which means you can have as many or as few changes as you want but we only allow for one list since going back and forth can be very costly in both time and money. So our suggestion is to just take your time to carefully go over all the content on the site and let us know all changes you want.

Step 4 - Website Goes Live

Once everything has been proofed and you’re happy we then set the website live. It is during this time we also ensure to submit your website ‘Sitemap’ to Google, Yahoo and Bing to ensure your website is registered with all the major search engines for the best ranking possible. We can also setup Google Business Accounts at this stage to help with better rankings for your brand name.

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