Startup Marketing Package in Nottingham

We offer a Startup Marketing Package in Nottingham designed specifically for new business-startups to gain all of your marketing assets in one bespoke package.

We know the struggle of setting up a new business (we’ve been there!) and how important it is to present a professional image from the start. This is why we’ve created two bespoke packages for business startups in Nottingham to ensure you hit the ground running with all of your core marketing assets taken care of. We simply offer a ‘basic’ and ‘pro’ version of our business startup package to ensure there’s some variation for those of you out there that may only need some of the assets, and others who need an everything.

The services we provide within this package are logo & brand creation, web design, print design and social media account creation. The key aspect here is that we will create your ‘brand’. This is so important in building trust with your customers straight away and we ensure everything we design is bespoke to you and your company. We will discuss your ethos as well as how and why you do what you do so that your brand matches everything. Leading on from the brand creation, each of the other assets compliments the brand, providing you with a professional image immediately.

Startup Marketing Package in Nottingham

Startup Marketing Variations

Package Options

Basic Startup Marketing Package

Business Startup – Basic Package

This package is designed to include all the bare marketing essentials your new business will require to get started.

Package Includes:

  • Logo & Brand Design
  • Business Card Design

Pro Startup Marketing Package

Business Startup – PRO Package

This package is designed for small to medium-sized businesses to have all of their marketing assets completed ready to start with a bang.

Package Includes:

  • Logo & Brand Design
  • Business Card Design
  • 5-Page Website Creation
  • 3 x Social Media Channel Creations

A Breakdown of all assets

What Does It Include?

Logo & Brand Design

During this phase we will discuss with you what your company does and get an overall idea of your ethos to ensure we are able to create a brand that perfectly match your business. We will choose colour scheme ideas, font styles and design an array of logos for you to choose from.

Once you have seen all of the design ideas you can then make a final decision on which colours and designs you like best and we then finalise everything and send you a marketing pack with a range of logo formats as a vector for use on large-sized print documents as well as low and hi-resolution versions for use online.

Business Card Design

Having designed and created your new logo and brand we will then move onto the design of your business card. This will encompass all the colours, font styles and designs as specified within your brand marketing guidelines.

Having a business card is extremely important when starting up a new business to ensure you have the ability to leave all potential clients with a quick reference to contact you. We can even create different name versions if you have multiple team members in need of cards. Please note this package only consists of the design cost, printing is an additional cost but we will take care of all that for you.

5 Page Website Creation

On the PRO Startup Marketing Package we will then use all of your branding design to create a bespoke website using all of your colour schemes, font styles and design. All our websites are professionally built with SEO standards adhered to to give you the best chance of ranking online from the start.

Each website within this package will have 5 pages as-standard including: 1 x Homepage, 1 x About Page, 1 x Services Page, 1 x Blog Page and 1 x Contact Page. If there are additional pages required or any pages you want switched for different pages then please let us know and we’ll adapt accordingly.

Social Media Channel Creations

Social Media is such a huge part of any business now and is especially important and valuable to a new business startup since it’s a quick and easy method of gaining trust through humanising the brand. Adding consistent statuses of news, advice and sales can help customers identify with your company and makes everything less ‘faceless’.

We will create 3 social media pages/channels on the best platforms for your business. Not all social media platforms are the same and therefore the ones you decide to showcase your business should be chosen wisely. We will take care of everything for you, adding a profile image and correct dimensions for cover banners etc to each chosen platform.

(Optional) Animated Promo Video

Video is so important with digital marketing now and is why we incorporate it within the PRO package. This video will be used on your website and can be uploaded to social media channels and used as a paid online advertisement to attract your target markets.

The video will be made using 2D graphics which will animate to the sound of a professional voiceover describing your company. This will be accompanied by a quiet backing royalty-free music track to give the entire video a completely polished finish.

Startup Marketing Package Explained

How does it work?

Our Startup Marketing Package in Nottingham encompasses a few different marketing aspects and therefore can seem quite daunting at first, however we have simplified the process as much as possible and the entire project will be completed within 3 simple stages, of which we will help you every step of the way.

Step 1: Package Options

Firstly you will need to decide which package option you are going for (basic or pro) and from here we will then discuss all of the different marketing aspects with you and gain a better understanding of your business.

We usually like to know more about ‘why’ you do what you do as opposed to ‘what’ you do, since the ‘why’ sells your business much better and helps up create a bespoke brand for you.

Step 2: Project Creation

With all of the information gained during phase 1 we will then utilise all of this information to create your logo and brand design, business card – and if opted for the ‘pro’ version we will then start to build your website, create all of your social media channels and finally create your promotional video so we can use this within the newly created website and on social media channels.

Step 3: Amendments and Sign Off

Through each step of the way we will always ensure to check with your first before setting anything ‘live’. You will always have final say over the design and style of every aspect we create and allow you to have as many changes in one list as you would like at any stage.

This ensures you are gaining the most out of each aspect of your marketing and are happy with everything.

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