Social Media Management in Nottingham

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Social Media Management in Nottingham

As an all encompassing Marekting Agency we offer social media management in Nottingham for businesses looking to capitalise on their social media presence. Social media is the most powerful way of directly connecting with your audience and humanising your company, and although this may be true we noticed many companies not taking full advantage of this marketing platform. Upon speaking with numerous people we noticed that it’s not always since people don’t know how to do it – it’s usually simply down to a time issue where people just don’t have the resources or spare time to undertake all the social media channels available. Here’s where we can help.

We have 2 options available via our social media management service, either offering a social media startup package in which we can create everything for you in regards to cover images, profile pictures, page creation and initial statuses – or simply on an ongoing basis where we just help run your existing social media platforms every month.

Social media truly is one of the strongest marketing platforms available to all businesses, so if you need a helping hand just get in touch and we can discuss how we can help you on your social media journey.


Social Media Management in Nottingham

Social Media Management Options

Social Media Startup

This is for companies who don’t have a social media presence at all and are in desperate need of getting their brand up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. We discuss what your aim is and then create you pages, upload your logos and bespoke banner graphics etc on the best-suited platforms for your industry and finish off with a little bit of consultancy to help you in the future.

Monthly Social Media

This can feed on from the ‘Social Media Startup’ package and is designed for businesses that are established on social media but need someone to run the pages, create content to keep the pages and accounts active and oversee budgets for advertisements etc. This works ideally for businesses that just don’t have the time to run social media platforms and so we take care of everything.


Step 1 - Project Discussion

The initial talk we have with you is one of the most simple but important steps in the social media management process. This allows us to hear exactly what you’re looking to achieve through your social media channels and gives us the opportunity to explain what we can do for your specific requirements. This step really is just a good chat, so a telephone call or meeting in person is always the best practice for this service.

Step 2 - Social Media Plan

With all of your requirements discussed in step 1, we then use that information and begin to plan the best methods to optimise your social media reach and decide which channels are best suited to your needs. This step involves a lot of research into looking at your industry contemporaries and seeing what gaps there are in your social media market that we can steer towards to ensure you have your own unique ‘voice’ to gain followers.

Step 3 - Report on Findings

All of the information gained in step 2 is then presented to you so you can see what our plan is and also see all our research findings in terms of competition, target reach and what direction we want to take your social pages in. This will come down to the nature of your business but we’ll advise things like: “your social pages are going to become a hub for top tips and advice within your industry” or “maybe we look to go down the route of you being a place for famous quotes, or inspirational phrases” etc.

With this all discussed we then start to work out what the best method is for organising statuses, undertaking administration and possibly advertising budgets for your business.

Step 4 - Social goes Live

With all the pre-planning now sorted we go ahead with executing all of our ideas and plans. This may involve the creation of all your social media pages from scratch if you haven’t got any, or possibly giving your current pages a bit of an update with new graphics etc. We then create weekly statuses for you to pre-approve and then schedule these into dates/times to go live and give you weekly reports on statistical data of how well your social media platforms are doing to always keep you in the loop.

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