Video Prospectus Package

What is it?

The Video Prospectus Package is specifically designed for Colleges and Universities to have short, punchy videos created for each and every course, which can then be used on course web pages and social media platforms. The videos are designed to engage prospective students and show them their future courses in a much more unique way.

Let’s be honest, gone are the days when your younger target market would want to read about their course in a prospectus or on web pages. These audiences are the fastest growing market for gaining information through video content and therefore want their information quickly and presented to them in a more interesting way, and that’s exactly why we created this package!

In simple, we create a single 1-3 minute video with some upbeat music for each course you offer. Each video will be 100% student-led in regards to the content where we have 1 or 2 students simply talking to camera about their time on the course, explain what was great about it and what the course included. We then inter-cut shots of the course ‘in action’ so that prospective students really get to see their courses in a more personal way.

We film and edit these in ‘batch’ form and is why we can offer the creation of each course video at £150 so it’s simple for you to know what budget you’re dealing with for the project. So as an example of cost, if your College or University offers 50 courses, you could have an entire library of professional course videos for a total cost of £7500. Please note this amount is negotiable depending on quantities of videos required – please get in touch for a definitive quote.

Video Prospectus Package Images

What do the videos look like?

Just so you have a better idea, below is a previous example of a Course Video we created for Croydon College. As you’ll notice we film an array of shots to inter-cut whilst the student is speaking just to make sure the videos are interesting and always have something popping up to keep audiences entertained whilst learning about their future course.

How does it work?

We understand it sounds like a mammoth task to create a short video for each course your establishment offers, but we have a great system that allows us to keep time down and therefore overall costs down for our clients. To help explain how the Video Prospectus Package works in practice we’ve created a list of simple steps that we take in order to create your videos:

Step 1: Project Discussion

As with any project the first step is always to talk through exactly what you are looking for, get a good idea of the number of course videos you require and discuss what style you’d like to go with.

The way we create your videos is entirely up to you and although we may suggest things like the videos being student led etc, if you want to take a different approach then that’s fine by us and we can adjust the project budget accordingly.

Step 2: Planning

This is the biggest step in the creation of your videos and is the section that most of the time will be spent. We can most definitely help at this stage and what is required is a minimum of one articulate student being selected from each course who is willing to be filmed on camera and a date-range to film all the interviews.

As well as this we also need a date-range organised where we can come in and film the cut-away shots to go with each video. The planning is definitely the longest stage but once everything is organised perfectly here the rest of the production is smooth sailing!

Step 3: Filming

With all the pre-planning taken care of, we then move onto the filming of your videos – this is done in 2 stages:

Stage 1 – Interviews

We film all the interviews over the course of one or two weeks. We simply have a designated area chosen by yourselves as the backdrop for all the videos where we will set up lights and cameras etc and we bring the students to us to film. It’s nothing too scary for the students and we’ve done it enough time to know how to make anyone feel at ease and get the best response on-camera. We simply ask them a few pre-set questions which they answer for about 5 minutes and that’s it, they’re free to go and we move onto the next interview.

Stage 2 – Cut Away Shots

With all the interviews taken care of we then need to film shots of each course in action, this is simply 5 minutes of us popping into each of the lessons to just film a taster of what each class looks like and the type of work they are doing then we move onto the next room. Again these are filmed in one batch over the course of 1-2 weeks and gain us all the extra footage we need to make the videos fun and interesting.

Step 4: Editing

Alongside the Planning stage, this is the longest step in creating your course videos.

With all the footage gained over the span of a few weeks we then move onto putting all that footage together to create each of your course videos.

We will create a ‘template’ which will be the blueprint for all future videos so that they all look and sound similar to keep them formatted and branded the same so that if a student sees one course video and another, they immediately know they are your videos. This template will be sent to you for sign-off and upon that being completed we simply create all the other videos in the same style and finally give you all of your videos to proof.

Step 5: Project Sign Off

Once you have seen all the first drafts of the videos, we welcome you to let us know any final changes/tweaks to any of the videos before we finalise them ready for upload.

As soon as everything has been approved and signed off, we export all videos in a format which makes them easy to upload and watch on any device.

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