WordPress Website Creation

Take full control over your website content

After many years of creating bespoke websites which took months to build and publish, there was always the inevitability afterwards of a client needing to update or change elements of the website. This would then incur an additional cost for the time it took us to go in and change everything – and we thought this felt a little unfair for our customers. So we looked for an alternate method.

Many people won’t have ever heard of ‘WordPress’ or maybe have heard of it and aren’t sure what it means – either way it shouldn’t put you off having a WordPress website. We have chosen this method of creating websites for 3 main reasons:

  • They are quicker and easier to create from professionally built templates
  • Search Engines (Google, Yahoo etc) love them since they are full of words
  • Once we complete your website, YOU can update and control your own content on the site.

That’s right! No more ringing up the ‘website guys’ to ask them to make a small change on the site only to be charged for the time to do it. With WordPress we can create your website efficiently and then on completion we come in and do a training session with your staff on how to update the content on your site – giving you full control on it’s completion.

If you’re unsure of this ‘WordPress’ thing then don’t panic…the website you are currently on was created using WordPress!




Step 1 - Project Discussion

Firstly we’ll have a good talk about exactly what you’re looking for and discuss ideas of what type of website we would create for you. This stage can be done over the phone or via Skype, however we have found the best policy is to come and visit you in person since it does seem to help having the internet and a computer to hand when talking through examples etc. During this stage we also get you to write down what pages you want on the site so we can get a better idea of time-frame and project costs.

Step 2 - Template Selection and Content Creation

From all the ideas discussed in our initial meeting we then start to look at templates which suit your criteria. We only use professionally designed templates and these are purely a blueprint which we build upon, we’ve found this helps in two ways: one, by speeding up the build time process and two, allows you to see exactly what you’re getting before we’ve even started on the site.

Once you’ve chosen the theme we then request that you provide us with all the wording required for each page. Although this sounds like we’re trying to get out of doing our job, we’ve found in the past that us writing your content just doesn’t work and the client always ends up having to re-write what we’ve written because you know your business much better than we do.

Step 3 - Website Creation

So you’ve now chosen a theme you’re happy with and also written up all the content for each page. Now the fun begins! We create the first draft of your new website based around all the discussions we’ve had previously and once complete, we will email you a hidden link to your new site. From here you get our standard ‘one list of changes’ which means you can have as many or as few changes as you want but we only allow for one list since going back and forth can be very costly in both time and money. So our suggestion is to just take your time to carefully go over all the content on the site and let us know all changes you want.

Step 4 - Training Session

The website has now been signed off by yourselves which means we can come and train you and your team on how to use your new site. This simply involves planning a time for us to come down and talk you through the site and its features, and we always include a full step-by-step PDF guide on how to change all the main elements on the site. In-case you’re worried about this section we can assure you it’s nothing complicated and you don’t need to have any previous website experience! The guide shows you everything in great detail and if you really don’t want this added control of your site and would prefer us to do any changes then that’s also fine.

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