Video Production

Excite and Inform with the Power of Video

Over the last few years video has become one of the most powerful mediums for getting your message across to an audience in the most effective way. No other service provides the audio/visual experience that comes with a video and no matter what your aim is, video usually has a solution – let’s give some examples:

If you’re looking to create an online advert for social media then we’d look at creating something short and punchy which entices audiences and gives them just enough information to want to know more.

Or maybe you’re simply looking to have a seminar filmed and used for training purposes? Recording events gives great archival resources for current and future employees and is something we do a lot of.

Possibly you’re looking for an information video series which is designed to help audiences achieve certain goals by watching. These videos are always a great method of showing people instead of getting them to read it through numerous amounts of handout sheets.

Whatever the requirement, we are able to make a video which accomplishes both your vision and purpose. We believe that video is one of the most powerful resources for providing audiences with information in a way which both excites and educates at the same time.




Step 1 - Project Discussion

We will always ensure to have a good first discussion about your project, whether that means us coming down to speak with you in person, over the telephone or even on a skype call. Of all the steps, this is the most important since it’s your chance to tell us everything you’ve got in mind for your project and then allows us to take all the ideas and come up with a plan and method for how to accomplish your vision.

Step 2 - Pre Production

With ideas signed-off we then move into the ‘pre’ phase where we take the time to plan and organise whatever needs to be done for this project to succeed. Although not much physically happens at this stage, it is one of the most important sections since this is where everything is planned to ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible. For smaller projects this section doesn’t take much time and mainly involves a few phone-calls and emails etc and for larger projects this time is spent organizing locations, dates and times with different parties depending on the size of the project.

Step 3 - Production

If your project requires filming then this will be the production phase. With everything organised and scheduled within stage 2, this section really is just about us focusing on filming the best shots in order to make your video look amazing. All of our equipment is broadcast standard and our crew all have broadcast experience so you’re in safe hands! If there’s any piece of specialist equipment that you require (eg. Camera Drone for aerial shots) we simply hire it in, but anything like this will all be discussed during the pre-production phase.

Step 4 - Post-Production

After everything has been discussed, planned and filmed we move onto the final stage, editing – or ‘post-production’ if we’re being technical! This really is where ‘the magic happens’ and is the most time-consuming part of any video since we need to ensure all the footage is logged and transferred correctly, backups have been created and of course turn all of your footage into a great video. Upon completion of your first draft, you then get your ‘one full list of changes’ which can be as many or as few as you like, but we can only accept one list since going back and forth really is time consuming and can very quickly become costly in both time and money. Once your changes are made and you’ve signed off the video we can then give you all the final project deliverables with the video(s) in any format you require.

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