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Virtual Administration specialise in offering day-to-day administrational support to Independent Therapists, Psychologists and Brain Injury Case Managers. At the time they already had a website however it had been created many years ago and was now starting to look a little dated and so we were hired to give the website a little ‘face-lift’ and to also look at streamlining all of the content.

The current website was absolutely packed with incredible information, however it wasn’t overly easy to find and so our main effort was spent working out the most effect way to streamline the entire menu structure of the website, whilst still maintaining all of the great information that was already there. Luckily the company already had a really nice style that made use of reds, yellows, whites and greys and so we used all of these brand colours to create a modern yet friendly website to ensure everything was in-keeping with their ethos of offering a personal and friendly service.