The Tax Surgery

The Tax Surgery
The Tax Surgery
New Website and Brand Creation

The Tax Surgery are a team of specialist Tax Accountants who provide a range of services to help business and companies make better use of their tax accounting. The business had been running for many years but never had a website so we were approached to just create something nice and simple which showcased the main aspects of the business and offer a free e-book to gain email signups.

Where the business had purely run all these years on word-of-mouth they didn’t even have a logo and so we started to come up with ideas playing on the concept of them being ‘surgeons’ and soon created the brand which mimicked the typical ‘surgical’ style with light blues and greens and with a logo that incorporated a surgeons scalpel cutting a pound note in half – symbolising the idea of saving money.

The website was created in the same style and featured a clean, contemporary and minimal design so it was in-keeping with fellow competitors online and made use of email marketing techniques to gain email signups via a funnel marketing freebie with an automated email marketing campaign once registered.