The Dainty Shop

The Dainty Shop
The Dainty Shop
The Dainty Shop
Brand Creation

The Dainty Shop is an online retailer of homeware, gifts and accessories who approached us right at the beginning of setting up their company and were in need of an entire brand identity, website, social media, video production, photography and basically every creative aspect of what we do.

After sitting down with the CEO for many hours outlining what they were looking for we eventually signed them up for our ‘Marketing Management Package’ which allowed them to have continual use of all our marketing services for a monthly cost. This project is now ongoing and we continue to update everything for The Dainty Shop but it was a really big undertaking at the beginning and involved the following:

• Brand identity creation which needed to reflect the definition of ‘dainty’ and to incorporate their style requirements which was ‘contemporary with a slight vintage look’. This involved the creation of logo designs, font selections, colour pallets and everything else which you now see on their website

• To create their E-Commerce Magento Website from scratch which had to be responsive for use on all devices and of course link to the brand identity.

• Product photography, ‘Lifestyle’ photography and a short promotional video which they used on social media and YouTube for an advertisement campaign.

• The final area of completion was then the social media platforms in which we utilised Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pintrest since these were the core 4 platforms which we saw most valuable for their style of business.