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Solopreneurs Academy
Solopreneurs Academy
New Brand and Online Course Website Creation

The Solopreneurs Academy is a free online business community which allows like-minded entrepreneurs to network, create synergy and gain additional skills and knowledge on the world of business. We were approached about the project during its infancy when it was purely a concept in the mind of its founder/CEO and we created everything for the project from the ground up

We initially started with the logo and brand identity, deciding upon a clean and contemporary style with golden yellow as the main colour scheme and a simple black and white background colour to really emphasize the ‘happy’ colour of the yellow.

Due to the ‘Academy’ nature of the project we decided upon a simple graduation cap as the main logo icon since it is globally acknowledged as a sign of achievement and education, both of which were key aspects for the company. With the designs completed we finalised the logos and also created some promotional print marketing including leaflets and business cards.

We then spent 3 months designing and building the large community database website, ensuring registering and login pages etc were all easily accessible for new and current users as well as making the social community section as easy as possible for users to befriend new members, send private messages and find specialists in business to start networking with.

As well as the free community membership, the Academy decided to add a ‘Pro Membership’ section which would allow pro members to pay a monthly subscription fee and have instant on-demand access to every online course, ebook and resource they had to offer. For this to work we then had to add an additional membership level which would only allow pro members to see certain areas of the website and then incorporate the use of PayPal as a subscription payment provider for a safe and simple payment solution.

Once everything was built we then created a series of animated voice-over videos which were used for promotional purposes as well as information on specific site pages. When everything successfully launched we also took on the responsibility of administrating all of their social media which now successfully runs across Facebook and Twitter.