Nexus Skin

Nexus Skin
Nexus Skin
Nexus Skin
Website Creation, Social Media Management, Product Video & Photography

We were approached during Nexus Skin’s infancy, they were soon launching their first light therapy treatment machine and were in need of a whole host of marketing solutions including a new website with online shop capability, product video & photography, social media management and email marketing.

The website design focused on the contemporary nature of Nexus Skin’s style and we created a site which matched their clean look whilst remaining technical enough to relay the serious nature of their machines. Alongside this we integrated the use of an online shop to ensure customers could easily purchase the product online and will continue to add more as the company grows.

The product video made use of a professional voiceover artist who narrates a scripted description of the S1 LED Light Therapy Machine which then has footage relaying the visual aspects of what is being said.

Social Media was extremely intersting as the ‘light therapy machine’ market is new but very upcoming making it the ideal time to monopolise social media platforms to market the brand and product. We decided upon Facebook and Instagram to ensure the visual aspects of light therapy treatment could be clearly marketed and we also write a single blog per month for added SEO and brand awareness.