Monthly Accountant

Monthly Accountant
Monthly Accountant
New Brand Creation

Monthly Accountant are a specialist team of Accountants who offer ongoing accountancy and bookkeeping for business in the UK on a fixed monthly subscription basis. We were approached when the company had no form of branding or marketing so needed to create a logo, brand identity, website and social media profiles.

One of the key aspects Monthly Accountant wanted to showcase was that they weren’t like other ‘typical accounting firms’ and wanted their brand to reflect this. Once we undertook our market research we quickly noted that most accounting firms (typically) used clean, white and blue colour schemes. So we approached Monthly Accountant with the concept of “if you want to separate yourselves from the rest of the market then why not use a brand that is literally the opposite of everyone else?”. Where our market research showed white and blue, we decided to create a brand of black and red to be in complete opposition to fellow competitors out there – and so the Monthly Accountant brand was born!

The website then made use of these colour schemes and also needed to include an online quoting and subscription payment method which we implemented with the use of PayPal which automatically takes the monthly subscription payments from each customer on the date specified.