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FitPro Travel
FitPro Travel
New Brand and Website Creation

FitPro Travel are a specialist travel agent who offer bespoke packages to help all fitness professionals with bookings and travel arrangements for trips, events and retreats. The company was just starting up so required a whole new brand, which needed to feature ‘friendly’ colours to reflect the sunny nature of travel, as requested by the client. After a few ideas we finally opted for blue and yellow colour schemes as an overall theme for the brand and then featured an abstract sun and airplane for the logo with a nice clean font to emphasise the key aspects of the business.

The website then needed to list many areas of the business which included services such as flights, accommodation, venue hire, event management etc etc which all needed to be built with SEO in mind to ensure good rankings on search engines. Each page was created with the specific focus to rank for terms such as ‘flights for fitness events’, ‘venue hire for fitness events’ etc so that the website’s key services would have a better chance of ranking highly and being found via search terms online.

We also created a short animation video to make it easy for everyone to understand the nature of the business and to be used on social media platforms, on the site and for use at meetings etc which featured a voiceover with graphic animation to emphasise the words being spoken.