Dr Serge Nikolic

Dr Serge Nikolic
Dr Serge Nikolic
Dr Serge Nikolic Website

Dr Serge Nikolic is a Consultant in Pain Medicine and Neuromodulation based in London and was in need of a new website to showcase all of his treatments, procedures and credentials.

We built the website with a very clean and contemporary style making use of navy blue, aqua green and whites to ensure it was in-keeping with the clinical look of his industry. One of the hardest aspects was trying to create a structure which encompassed the vast amount of information that Dr Nikolic knows and needed to host on the website in regards to his history, treatments, procedures, hospitals, specific conditions he treats and even integrating a patient feedback system via his Doctify profile. Even with this amount of information we still managed to streamline the menu structure and keep it as easy to navigate as possible for both patients and healthcare specialists alike.