CG Ignite

CG Ignite

CG Ignite is the brainchild of celebrity fitness trainer Richard Callender who had setup ‘Callender Girls’ 2 years ago and was now looking to target a slightly different market with a more intense style of 30-day fitness program.

Since we had filmed all of the previous fitness videos and promos for the original Callender Girls 50-day program, we had to change tactic with this as Richard wanted a more dark and serious feel compared to the previous versions. We filmed all of the fitness videos in a Squash court to ensure we had total control over the lighting and made everything spot lit for optimal effect. During this filming we also filmed promotional shots of each trainer which were later turned into short social media ad videos and then made the final promotional video using a combination of all fitness, promo and additional ‘home user’ shots to showcase the whole program.