Marketing for Startup Business in Nottingham

Providing all the best marketing for startup businesses

Marketing for Startup Business in Nottingham

Due to the wide range of marketing services we offer to clients we are able to provide all-encompassing marketing for startup businesses in Nottingham. With most startup businesses there are initial upfront requirements and then long-term ongoing marketing requirements to help keep a constant promotion of the new business.

Initial requirements usually include a new logo and brand design, a new website matching this style, business cards/letterheads, social media page setup & graphics and a short promotional video to help advertise the new business. We are then able to offer ongoing marketing to take care of any aspects you require such as website SEO, graphic design, video series produced, social media management and much more.

Every startup business is of course completely different but whatever you require, we provide a wide range of marketing services to ensure you hit the ground running and then offer ongoing marketing so you’re always on top of promoting your new business.


Marketing for Startup Business in Nottingham

Startup Business Marketing in Nottingham

Starting a new business can be difficult, purely on establishing trust with new customers, but having a professional looking brand, website and overall design you can immediately overcome the trust barrier. This is where we will help, we always ensure your brand looks high-quality and wouldn’t look out of place amongst ‘the big boys’ to ensure your new customers are immediately impressed. So if you’re in need of marketing for a startup business in Nottingham then you’re in safe hands with us and we’ll be glad to help discuss any requirements you may have.

Logo/Brand Design

No matter what type of industry your new startup business is positioned, we will create a professional looking logo and choose a specific colour scheme and font styles to ensure your brand always looks the same and remains strong. We will initially create a page of logos with some colour pallet suggestions for you to choose from and then create a definitive brand from your choices.

Website Build

Whether you need a basic promotional website or a fully-functioning online shop, your new website will always be built with the same design, colours and fonts as dictated within your logo and brand creation. Every website we create is made with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) built-in, meaning you will stand the best chance of ranking on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Promotional Video

Video is now one of the most important marketing tools available to any business and is why we always suggest having a short video so you can start promoting your new business immediately and for use on your new website. Video is also a powerful tool for Social Media and SEO by using YouTube and Facebook to improve your chances of being found online.

Business Cards and Printing

Initially most new business will require new business card designs and depending on how many staff members you have we can create a range of designs with different names/titles. As well as business cards we can create a range of print marketing materials and although many consider print a ‘dying marketing tool’ we find leaflets, flyers and booklets work very well, especially at events.

Social Media

Some people know social media inside-and-out but others aren’t so confident and like to have the option to just hand everything over to a third party. We can create new social media accounts and provide an ongoing management service in which we will update your pages with news posts and updates about your business. We also advise on which social media channels are right for you.


Search Engine Optimisation is so important now, quite simply because every other business in your industry will be online and already ranking highly in search engines. As a new business startup you will be joining a list of competitors online who are already ahead of the game and therefore pushing techniques to increase your website ranking are imperative and something we do every month.

Examples of Startup Business Marketing

Logos & Branding

Whenever we design the logo and branding for new startup businesses we like to ensure that they not only look great but capture the ethos of the company, whether that’s through the icon we create, the colours used, the font styles or all of the above! We will always endeavour to make you a bespoke logo that gives a hint of what your business is all about. We will always choose a colour palette that suits your industry (blue for medical etc) and a font style that works for your brand, whether it’s a clean, funky or calligraphy based.

Whenever creating your brand we will design a page of alternative logo designs and then provide two or three different colour palette ideas that could work, as well as providing an example of one logo within each of these colours.

Web Design

Every website we build is designed to replicate all the branding we’ve implemented during your logo/branding creation and is why we pay such close attention to ensuring you have predefined colour schemes and font types decided before moving onto building your website. Every website has a different purpose, some are to simply promote a single product or service, others promote a wide range of different services and then there are the E-Commerce stores which can stock tens, hundreds and thousands of products for customers to buy directly.

Whatever the purpose of your website we we build it to be as easy to use as possible for your clients and customers. We also build-in SEO tactics to give you the best chance of ranking in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing and ensure the website works on any device: computer, tablet or smartphone.

Business Cards & Printing

Although ‘print’ is seen as a somewhat old-fashioned form of marketing, you can never be without a business card when starting a new business and possibly a professional flyer or booklet to help sell your products or services. We can design any form of ‘print marketing’ you require to help kick start your business – many of our startup clients will have a business card and a leaflet to begin with, just to ensure they have something to give potential clients so they can remember their contact details and services. Although we’re not a printing company ourselves we only use the best quality printing firm to ensure you are provided with professional quality printing that looks and feels nice, giving you that added level of professionalism when you work with new clients or customers.

Any form of print marketing we design will be tailored to your branding and colour designs as dictated by the initial phase of your logo and brand design. We will always use the same fonts and colours to ensure everything looks the same to solidify your brand, from your website to your printing.

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