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Business Marketing in Nottingham

Marketing in Nottingham

Here at Aether Digital we offer specialist marketing services in Nottingham for businesses and individuals alike. What separates us from other marketing agencies is that we offer all of our marketing services under one roof including website creation, graphic design, video production and content management for social media & blogs etc. This means that no matter what form of marketing you require, you’ll only ever need to deal with us and we can take care of everything for you, whether it’s a website with a promotional video or a leaflet design to be printed.

Although each of our marketing services can be hired on an individual basis, we tend to find that most clients want an all-encompassing marketing package which includes a variation of our services. We even offer ongoing monthly marketing which works on a simple retainer/subscription basis and means we dedicate a specific amount of time every month for you to utilise all of our marketing services. 




Marketing Services in Nottingham

Our Marketing Services

Video Production

One of the most valuable services we offer, video allows you to excite and inform audiences quickly and easily through the audio/visual experience.

Graphic Design

Whatever the graphic may be we can offer design services for a whole range of options from quick designs for print to whole new brand creation.

WordPress Website Creation

We have chose to specialise in the creation of WordPress websites, why? Once completed you can access your admin panel and do updates yourself!

Social Media Management

Whether you just need help setting up pages or require daily updates, our social media management service is a great solution if you’re too busy.

All Services

A Few Other Options


Looking to get a few shots done for your website or maybe for a brochure? Our photography service covers all bases whether it’s an event or staged photo shoot.


We are very knowledgeable in all aspects of marketing and content production – so if you’re in need of any assistance then feel free to get in touch.


If you’re a new company or just bored of your old ‘look’ then we have a great team who can redesign your style and create a whole new brand identity.

DVD Creation

We know a lot of clients want a DVD copy of their video to use at events or for ease of use, so if you need, we can turn your video into a playable DVD.

Location Scouting

Finding the perfect location for a shoot can be quite tricky so if you need a helping hand just let us know and we’ll source the perfect location or venue.

On-Site Editing

Most of our work is done at the office, however if you want that added control we can come to you and create your content with you on-site.

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