Marketing Rebrand Package in Nottingham

Marketing Rebrand Package

We provide a Marketing Rebrand Package in Nottingham for those of you who’s business has been running for a while but you think needs an update to its overall style and branding.

After so many years it’s important to keep your business’ branding up to date so that you always look contemporary and professional. After so long we all know that style changes and what may have looked really professional, say, 10 years ago can start to look very outdated. Even the biggest brands in the world have rebrands and updates to their styling to show they are always striving to be a market leader.

When we discuss rebranding it doesn’t always need to be a major change, sometimes it’s just a case of tweaking some fonts and altering a currently designed icon you may have – think of Nike and the ‘swoosh’ tick, that’s had 4 changes to date since the 80’s but always has a similar touch.

However there are times when an entirely new design is required and that’s fine as well, if that’s the case we will provide an entirely new design. Either way we are here to help modernise your brand and make it look professional.

Marketing Rebrand Package in Nottingham

what does it include?

Logo Design

The creation of an entirely new logo or simply the redesign of a current logo which simply needs updating.

Font Styles

Font is so important when showcasing your brand and we will choose the best fonts for your industry.

Colour Palettes

We will choose upon a couple of colour pallette options to choose from, usually a light and dark colour scheme.

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A simple 3-step breakdown

How The Marketing Rebrand Package Works

Our marketing rebranding package in Nottingham doesn’t have to be as scary as many businesses first envision. We have managed to breakdown the entire rebrand process into three simple stages:

Step 1: Rebrand Options

Firstly we will discuss with you exactly what you want to accomplish with the rebrand and whether it’s a completely new style you’re looking for or simply an update to the current branding and style you have.

From here we will then discuss with you about what your company does, why it does it and what the overall ‘ethos’ of your company is. This gives us a better idea of what type of brand we are looking to redesign and usually provides us with ‘lightbulb’ moments when designing.

Step 2: Rebrand Design

Having discussed everything during the initial stage, we then use all of the information gained to start designing logo ideas and choosing different colour and font styles.

Each option will have been carefully selected by us and we give you multiple choices to ensure you are able to have a say in the style and design of your brand.

Step 3: Final Decision

Having seen all of the different logo ideas, colour palette schemes and font styles you are then able to choose your favourite from the list of options we provide. It is then that we go away and finalise everything to ensure your logo and brand are professional and ready to be used.

We then pass across a marketing guideline which lists the ‘hex code’ of the exact colours used, a list of specific font styles and examples of the logo in different colour variants. We will also provide you with a mixture of formats and sizes of your logo to ensure you have the right version for the right purpose, from large print versions to smaller, low-res versions for email signatures etc.

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