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Graphic Designer in Nottingham

We offer graphic design in Nottingham which encompasses digital, print and branding. Our key skill within graphic design is that we make your content look clean, contemporary and professional whilst clearly explaining your message.

As with all our work, our core ability is to use graphic design in a way which makes information easily accessible by your audience. We never just think about how ‘good’ something looks, it must always convey your message in the best possible way and also reinforce your brand identity.

Our graphic design service offers a range of aspects including, but not limited to:

  • Logo & Brand Identity
  • Leaflets & Flyers
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures & Booklets
  • Digital Advertising



Graphic Design in Nottingham

Graphic Design Services

Print Designs

Whether it’s a new business card, leaflet, flyer, banner, poster, brochure or any other type of printing you need designed then we will always make it look professional and take care of all the printing to ensure it’s delivered on your doorstep.

Digital Graphics

Digital graphic design encompasses a wide variety of options which appear on a screen such as cover/banner designs for social media channels, online advertisements, displays to appear on in-store TV’s and anything else you require.

Branding Design

If you’re looking to create an entirely new company or simply looking to update an existing one then we will create everything you need from scratch and design logos, letterheads and will also define your brand colours and font types.

Graphic Design in Nottingham

Our graphic design services in Nottingham encompass a wide variety of options and allow us to create any type of designs you may need. Our printing designs mean we can design any form of print marketing you need whether it’s a flyer, business card, banner or anything else to showcase your business. Alternatively our digital design services allow us to create social media covers and banners to make your pages stand out, online promotional advertisements and also designs to show on TV screens at events and in-store etc.

We also offer an encompassing brand design service in which we create everything you need to have your new business stand out, or an existing one updated with an entirely new look. Within this service we will design and create your new logo and define your brand colour schemes as well as font types to use to ensure al of your marketing matches your brand.

Examples of our Graphic Design


Step 1 - Project Discussion

Talking through your project, no matter how large or small, is always the first step when we work with you. Knowing exactly what you’re looking for and being able to discuss styles and look at examples is always key in creating you the perfect design for your project. For design work, we are happy to talk over the phone, through Skype or in person – because it’s a visual medium we find that as long as there’s internet access to hand then we’re always able to pass across visual ideas and discuss a project thoroughly.

Due to the vast array of options available, each type of design has a unique way of being created – so for this example we’re going to use a ‘Logo Design’.

Step 2 - Draft Designs

Now that we have a solid understanding of the style you’re looking for, we begin to sketch out a range of ideas and get to work creating your graphics. For design work like ‘Logo Design’ we would design a whole page worth of draft ideas for you to choose from at this stage – other simpler formats (flyers etc) don’t require so many variations however.

Step 3 - Refinement

Having been passed across the draft designs, we then ask you to choose from the array of ideas we’ve created and give us a list of changes to make your final version. These are usually ideas such as “can you take the banner element from Logo Example 2 and put that across the circle in Logo Example 5” where you’ll spot certain elements you like on each logo design and begin to merge elements to create your perfect design.

Step 4 - Final Design

Having listed your changes we then create the perfect final design from everything you’ve requested and send it across for a final sign-off. Upon completion, we are then able to provide your design in any formats or sizes you require. Especially for logo designs, we usually send across a good mixture of file formats which are best suited for different applications such as ‘Web Version’ and ‘Print Version’ etc.

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