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Advice - Photography - Video

How to get a blurred background with a DSLR Camera

Having a subject in sharp focus and the background blurred out in a picture or video gives any image that added professionalism and nicer look. Because of this, the question of how to achieve this look is something I get asked a lot so I thought I’d write a quick blog about it. The reality is that it’s one of the easiest things to do with a camera whether it’s for photography or video.

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Advice - Design

Where to download Cool Fonts – Beginners Guide

This blog is really written with the first-time graphic designer in mind or for someone who is just trying to make a design they’re creating look a little more professional or funky.

When looking at different styles of graphics and designs, you’ll of course notice that font styles are SO important when trying to capture the right ‘feel’ for your design. So when people see some of the work we create, many of them ask “where did you get that font? That’s definitely not a preset option on my computer’s list of fonts?”

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Advice - Video

First Time Being Filmed on Camera – Top tips

As our Creative Director I have filmed quite a lot of interviews over the years and have been on the other end quite a few times in front of the camera as well! So whenever I’m filming I always feel sorry when I have to film someone who has never been on camera before and is a little nervous about the whole thing – so I thought, why not write a blog from my experiences to give fellow interviewee newbie’s some advice!

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