We began life as ‘Aether Productions’ back in 2008, set up by my partner Holly Jarrett and I, Kelvin Packham (yep I am writing this in the first person, take THAT Essay Writing!). Back then we were something of a specialist within the fitness video industry, creating an array of videos for companies and individuals varying from event showreels to exercise DVDs. Over the next 6 years we grew our client base and gradually began to move more into the corporate world of video, being lucky enough to have worked with some big names such as Panasonic, Reebok, Serco, University of Greenwich…just to drop a few names!

As the clients got bigger so did the projects, and we began to notice a trend where clients wanted more than just the video production services we were offering. We were constantly having that awkward conversation of ‘can you also do us this…’ and we would unfortunately have to say ‘no sorry we only do video’. This of course got our minds racing and we couldn’t bear to say ‘no’ any longer and so we did something about it.

We began to create a friendly team of specialists…the A Team if you will…within the key areas of digital marketing that we knew would allow us to always have the correct service for any client whether they wanted video, web design, graphic design and more recently social media management.


So there we were, we had a solid team and could offer all the services we’ve always wanted to our clients…but what was our ‘edge’? That niche that set us apart from the rest? It was something we pondered over for a long time, trying to figure out our ‘Golden Circle’ of WHY we are good – then one day without really thinking about it, it dawned on us. Information. That was it! One simple word.

In this digital age it is becoming increasingly hard to not only attract new audiences, but to keep their attention by providing solid information; Information which is easy to understand and excites at the same time. We had always done this, but never actually thought about it or even realised this was what set us apart from the rest! And so ladies and gents, I proudly give to you the reason we are a good at what we do – we not only create content which excites audiences, we create content which will inform them at the same time. Give them all the information you want them to know, whilst still keeping the content fun, fresh and interesting.

So there we have it, Aether Digital in a nutshell. In simple, we started life as a video production company, moved into the corporate world, got a bigger team to offer more variety of services and now have established ourselves as one of the best providers of information through digital marketing.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and learn about us a little more, if you have any further questions then please feel free to contact us.

Creative Team

We really do love what we do and we hope that our passion speaks through all of our work. With a team as driven as we are, anything is achievable!

Modern Style

Everything we create will always look professional and contemporary. Whether the project is small or large we ensure everything looks amazing.

Friendly & Helpful

All of our team have been carefully selected, not just for their skills, but because we like working with friendly people and we know our clients do too!

Our Team

Meet Our Leading Staff

Creative Director
Kelvin Packham
Project Manager
Holly Jarrett

Kelvin started his career back whilst studying for his Degree at Staffordshire University in ‘Film Production Technology with Management’ and gained a First Class Honors in 2009. Since then, as well as setting up Aether Productions along with business partner Holly, he has written and directed short films, one of which won the Swale Film Festival and has had music videos aired on MTV, VH1 and BBC which he directed.

As our ‘Creative Director’ Kelvin will be the person you liaise with for all aspects creativity on your project and will oversee the creation and direct our team to complete your vision.

Holly’s career started off slightly differently to the digital media we are now accustomed to. Whilst studying for her Degree in Film Radio and Television at Canterbury Christshurch University, Holly specialised in sound, specifically Radio Production and really enjoyed the creation of Radio Dramas of which she won 2 awards. Since then she has been the brains behind both Aether Productions and now the entire rebrand of Aether Digital.

As our ‘Project Manager’ Holly will be your point of call if you have any business or customer service inquiries and deals mainly with the administration of all assets of the business.

If you like the sounds of us then feel free to get in touch! Contact Us