Monthly Archives: Nov 2015

Advice - Web Design

The difference between domain name extensions (.com .uk .org .net)

What’s in a (domain) name? Well if you’re about to buy your domain name you may be wondering what all these ‘dot-options’ are at the end – is there a difference and does it matter? In all fairness, your website will work with whatever domain extension you choose, however over the years each of the extensions have come with slight ‘expectations’ attached to them as to what your site visitor would assume from your website name.

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Advice - Video

How to get the most out of your video online

Many people spend a lot of time, money and effort getting professional videos made for their company or themselves. These videos may be amazing but if you don’t promote them properly then all that time, money and effort could be for nothing!

So as soon as your final video is given to you there are some very simple tricks you need to do straight away in order to gain the full benefits of your video, and the best part of all this is…it’s free! Everything I’m about to tell you is absolutely free for every person on the internet – so without further adieu, let’s begin.

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